Taiwan is working to plug tax loopholes and build more public housing, but can housing affordability be more than just a pipe dream?

Photo credit: 國宅 by slayer, via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Surreal estate

Taiwan’s domestic tourism is booming under Covid-19, but is it sustainable for the outlying islands?

As restrictions eased, travellers cautiously returned to Penghu in September 2021. Photo credit: Joanna Lee

#TaiwanWins, but the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been fraught with anxieties about national identity and transitional justice

The Taiwan — ‘Chinese Taipei’ — team bearing the plum blossom flag at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony. Photo credit: Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

From ‘Covid refugees’ to ‘overseas turtles’, can Taiwan seize its sudden pandemic ‘brain gain’?

With their Taiwan passports, the overseas turtles are swimming back in an opportune moment for Taiwan. Photo credit: waychen_c

What happens when the gig economy is less free, less flexible and less satisfying than what was originally promised?

A Foodpanda delivery worker waits for his customer outside Spot Cinema in Taipei’s Huashan Creative Park. Photo credit: Joanna Lee

The 2030 bilingual learning blueprint is becoming clearer, as Taiwan’s next generation takes on “an entirely new experience”

Huai Sheng Elementary School teacher Serena Lee in action with her sixth graders.
Image courtesy of Serena Lee (李真儀)

Taiwan’s leading female filmmakers say women still pit motherhood and career against each other

Visitors check out the screenings at this year’s Women Make Waves Film Festival. Image courtesy of Joanna Lee

With the creative industries hard-hit, Taiwan’s artists are rethinking their practice and reimagining their futures

Chi Po-Hao and Zone Sound Creative’s Hertzian Playground allows audiences to interact with the art through smartphones. Courtesy of Chi Po-Hao.

In the absence of rules in the Internet age, artists make their own

Taiwan’s millennials first got to know pop star 9m88 via YouTube.

Taiwanese filmmaking, as is the case with Taiwanese democracy, makes advances, but there are growing pains

The Good Daughter (2019), documentary by Sally Wu

Joanna Lee

Writer, translator and sandwich enthusiast. Roaming around Taipei with five ideas at any given time.

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